10 Reasons To Buy the New iPod Touch 2019

The new iPod Touch is a modest update, but it does mean continued support from Apple for the foreseeable future. In a world with more capable iPhones, what are some good reasons to desire an iPod Touch? It could be a nice complement to a work-provided phone, a pre-phone gadget for a child, or a dedicated streaming music device. It can even be a decent alternative to a point-and-shoot camera, though many will disagree.

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    Paul Henderson
    5 years ago

    No matter what reasons one comes up with to buy this, there is a glaringly HUGE reason not to -- dismal battery life, especially on Wi-Fi.

    Everyone would be better off buying the iPhone SE and simply using it as an iPod Touch without cell service.

    Annemarie Godston
    5 years ago

    Does this new iPod Touch have an upgraded camera? I have (and LOVE) the 9.3.5 (13 G35) version. The battery is getting a bit sluggish (it needs charging more often that it used to). And I'm thinking of replacing it...but I'd love a camera that is a bit better.
    I have an android phone because I don't use a cell phone much and can't justify the price of an iPhone. I LOVE my touch! It gives me EVERYTHING I need...just as you say. But, what about the camera? Better? Thanks! Annemarie

    5 years ago

    Annemarie: Same camera.

    Mike Saurin
    5 years ago

    Hi Gary.
    Interesting to see Apple has released a new iPod I have a gen 5 iPod and works well with all my music. But rather than buying a new iPod use your previous iPhone you have which will have all the gigabytes and camera you need. This will save you money.

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