15 New Features Coming To macOS Monterey

With more than 100 new features coming to macOS 12, it is hard to talk about them all, especially so early in the beta test cycle. So here are 15 new features that I think will be interesting and useful.

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    3 years ago

    Looking at the Wikipedia site, there is no mention of any update in Contacts app. With all the fixes they could make in Contacts, they probably never will fix the app. Maybe other users are using third party address books or just living with the app as it is. They did change a some things to Contacts a few years ago but stopped short of complete overhaul. Thank You for letting me comment.

    John Murdin
    3 years ago

    Any idea if they’ll let you change the metadata of audiobooks that you create - I record a lot but since they took audiobooks out of iTunes - utter chaos!

    3 years ago

    John: It doesn't look like there is any advanced functionality added to the Books app, if that is what you mean. But it is just the first developer beta so things can change.

    Charles Stanford
    3 years ago

    As always, terrific review. Thanks.

    3 years ago

    Could you assign Keyboard Shortcuts to Shortcuts, as you can with Automator, or make them run on Folder contents or be date-actuated?

    It would be great to have Smart Search in Notes, to operate on its new tags, like in Finder. Esp if you could save the search as a Smart Folder too.

    Odd that we now have 3 types of tags: Finder, Photos and Notes. I’d like it if you could have tags that were specific to the Focus feature, which looks interesting. AFAIK, it controls which apps show up and DND

    3 years ago

    Jasper: Yes. There is even a built-in keyboard shortcut assignment function in Shortcuts. No Folder actions yet. No time-based automations yet.

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