20 Mac App Store Tips

The Mac App Store is probably the best way to get apps for your Mac. Here are 20 tips for finding apps, figuring out if an app is worth downloading, and managing your apps.

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    3 years ago

    Another useful tutorial. The facility to look for apps in the App Store that handled specific files types was something I was not aware of.

    3 years ago

    Great stuff as usual Gary. I'm wondering what might happen if I uninstall an app on the Mac to save space, and by the time I want to re-install it the developer might have released a major update that needs to be purchased. Would the older version I had purchased still be available for download? thx

    3 years ago

    nick: You can still download the app you purchased. If the developer releases a new version of that app is a "new app" (different app ID, sales page, everything) then you'd need to buy that to get it. But that would be true even if you didn't uninstall it.

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