20 Useful Tips And Tricks For Mac Users

Learn about a variety of Mac tips from usifn the Finder, System Preferences, Safari, working with text and much more.

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    3 years ago

    Thanks for a whole bunch of useful tips! Very helpful. I have a question related to your Tip 9...
    In the Finder, when you select the Sort By icon in the menu bar there's a list of options. What's the distinction there between None and Name? I haven't been able to see anything different in these two views.

    3 years ago

    nab: None only appears as an option in Icon View. With Icon View, you can arrange the icons how you like, putting them in any positions in the window. That would be the "None" setting. "Name" would sort them by name and you couldn't place those icons where you want.

    3 years ago

    hey Gary, I always wondered why, when listing the apps that are suggested to open a specific file type, more often than not there are apps listed than in actual fact do not open that file. Maybe there are some characteristics of that file type that are recognized by an app?

    3 years ago

    nick: If the app tells macOS that it can open the app, then it will appear in the list. Hard to say more without knowing a specific example.

    3 years ago

    Why do you say there is no use for the caps lock key?

    3 years ago

    Barbara: I say "no good use." I mean I suppose if you wanted to type something like NASA you could Caps Lock, n, a, s, a, Caps Lock. But is that really better than holding Shift and typing nasa?

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