MacMost Now 401: 7 Pages at You May Not Know About

You may be familiar with the store, discussion forums and software lists at Apple's site. But did you know you can locate a repair shop, download PDF manuals, view movie trailers and more?
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Hi this is Gary with On today's episode, let's look at parts of, you may not know about.
So, if you own Apple products, you've probably been to before, maybe to check out the discussion forums, or shop for software, or browse around in the Apple Store. But there is all sorts of different corners of the website that you may not know about.
Now, the first one I want to tell you about is Here you'll find electronic PDF versions of manuals that come with apple products. You can download them, even if you don't own the hardware. So for instance, you can dowload the iPad user guide, browse through it, maybe get a better idea of what the iPad can do and whether or not it's for you. Now, if you have a Mac, you may want to go ahead and download the PDF user manual for your Mac. And one of the useful things you can find in it, is the information about what memory each Mac takes, and how to install it. So, if you've got an old Mac and you want to find the user manual, but you can't find your copy, you can download a new one here.
Now, if there's something you don't like about your Apple product, or you have a suggestion to Apple about a feature you want to include in a future version, you can suggest it to them. You can go to Here you can select the product that you want to talk about, say the iPad, it'll ask you some more questions, and you can ... whatever comments you want. Now, Apple does check this stuff out, so a lot of people submitting comments asking for a certain feature, or maybe about a bug that they don't even know about. This is the way to get the information to them, and maybe get it fixed, or a new feature added.
Now, if you're looking for support, you may already know that you can go to any genius bar in any apple store and get free support there. Now, you can go to and make an appointment here, so this is useful cause once you have an appointment, you know you have a scheduled time and you can just show up and go right to the front of the line and get some help. If you don't have an appointment, sometimes they ask you to make one, or you have to wait in line.
Now, if you've ever purchased something from Apple, or registered for something on an Apple site, then you have an apple ID. Now, this is different than an itunes account or a mobileme account. You can have one, it's completely free, and you maybe get some newsletters from Apple, things like that. You can go to and check out your apple ID, you can update your email address if that has changed, you can change your password, and you can set preferences, like how you prefer Apple to contact you, and which newsletters you get from Apple.
Now, if you're looking to buy an Apple product, you know you can go to an Apple store, and you probably know where there's one in you area. But, you can buy apple products from other places as well. At the Apple site, at you can type in a zip code and get a map of different stores including the Apple stores that sell Apple products. And, you can narrow it down by product, so for instance, if I want to find out where I can buy Macs in my area, I can see it here, and see that there's other places besides the Apple store that I can go to.
Likewise, if I need to get repairs, maybe fix an old Mac that's no longer covered by Apple Care, I can go to and type in a zip code and get a list of repair shops in my area and what type of devices they repair, you can see there's many more options that just the official Apple stores.
So, they were all very practical, but did you know Apple also has a repository of movie trailers in high definition, and you can watch them in Quicktime. So, you've got, and the thing I like about this, is not only do they have a lot of movie trailers, a lot more than some of the websites do, but they're not filled with all the ads and other junk that some of the movie sites make you see before you watch the trailer. You can just go right in and watch the trailer, and it looks beautiful.
So there's you look at some things at the website that you may not have known about. I hope you found this useful. Till next time, this is Gary Rosenzweig with MacMost Now.
  • User Manuals
  • Feedback Form
  • Genius Bar Appointments
  • Apple ID Account Information
  • Retail Store Locator
  • Repair Shop Locator
  • Movie Trailers
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      Michael A.
      9 years ago

      I’ve used 6 of the 7; the Account Information was news to me. I love that you can make Genius Bar appointments online; that’s something I try to communicate to other Mac owners whenever I can.

      Michael A.
      9 years ago

      Strange: according to the Account Information page I am not subscribed to any Apple mailings, yet I regularly get Apple’s product and promotional announcements via email. I don’t mind them too much, I just wonder why this doesn’t show my being subscribed to anything.

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