MacMost Now 615: 7 Things I Admired About Steve Jobs

Reflecting back on Steve Jobs' life, here are seven things that I admired about this self-made man. He was an innovator, improver, showman, and and enthusiast. We was also imperfect and uncompromising.
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Hi, this is Gary with MacMostNow. On today's episode I want to talk about the things I admired about Steve Jobs.
Steve Jobs was an innovator. He took big risks with big ideas and products like the Apple 2, MacIntosh, IPhone and the Apple Store. He believed that you couldn't just survey your audience to find out what they wanted. You had to imagine new things and create products that people didn't yet know how to ask for.
He was an improver. He took good ideas and made them better; like digital music players, online stores and tablet computers. So many times he's taken existing products that weren't necessary very successful, refined the idea to build something that was.
He was a showman. While other CEOs hide behind the brand, he came out and stood in front as a champion of its products. Probably* buy products and pay bills from many large companies but how many of them have CEOs that you can name?
He was imperfect, made lots of mistakes; but he learned from them and never stopped trying. When he was forced out of Apple in the 80's, he kept trying with Pixar and Next. He never attended business school. He just mastered business through trial and error.
He was an enthusiast. He loved the products that Apple produced. He was genuinely excited when he talked about them. Do you remember when he first introduced the Ipod? It was like this was the gadget that he'd been waiting for his whole life.
He was uncompromising. He pushed his teams to get things right. He wasn't afraid to look at every small detail. You've certainly heard many stories of how he micromanaged projects at Apple. While he may have carried it to an extreme, I can certainly learn something by how detail oriented he was.
He was a self-made man and Apple is a self-made company. All of his wealth and all of the value at Apple comes with innovation and hard work of all the people at the company. Jobs led in the creation of approximately $350 billion dollars that Apple represents. That's the American dream. To work hard, to use your mind, to build something where there was nothing.
One of the things Steve Jobs was famous for was adding one more thing at the end of Apple events. He'd announce a new product or new feature and it looks like we're going to get it this time too because at the end of this month on October 24th, we'll finally get an authorized biography of Steve Jobs, by the famous biographer Walter Isaacson. It should be the first time that we'll actually hear an authorized story of Steve's life. So we're going to look forward to reading that.
I hope you like my look at the things I admired about Steve Jobs. Until next time, this is Gary with MacMostNow.

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    Stormy Knight
    8 years ago

    Nice summation of what was great about Steve Jobs and made him uniquely gifted for his place in time. Thanks!

    Gary M
    8 years ago

    Gary very nice tribute. You hit all the elements that made hime great. Long live Apple.

    Mr Anthony Cotton
    8 years ago

    It is sad when some people die. Allegedly, but wasn`t there mp3 players before the ipod,wasn`t there tablets before the ipad,wasn`t there smart phones before the iphone? He made products that were already there, really good looking and expensive. At least Bill Gates gave a lot of money to charity. I will not even mention Pixar. I bought an iMac for £1,200 and it has been sent away 5 times to fix a problem,and its still ongoing. Just looking at mans facial expressions tells me a lot

      8 years ago

      I think you’ll find that just like in business and family life Steve Jobs and family were very private about their philanthropy.

      8 years ago

      Bill Gates has a bad consciousness,buddy

    Alan Wharton
    8 years ago

    A fitting and balanced short tribute,thanks

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