8 Ways To Make Text Stand Out in Mac Notes

While you can't add a background color to text in Notes for traditional highlighting, you can use many other techniques to make text in notes stand out.

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    1 year ago

    Thank you - this will be very useful. I did know about bold, italic, underline and heading/subheading, etc. but I did not realize colors and other fonts were available. 🤓

    1 year ago

    Gary, thanks very much for this video. I use Notes all the time, but the inability to use highlighting is very annoying. If you have any influence on Apple, this is one change I hope they make soon. It is a mystery as to why they don't have it. Great job as always!!

    1 year ago

    Is there a keyboard command to repeat the last operation? Also, maybe one day you can do a similar video for making text stand out in Notes on the iPad and iPhone. Thanks

    1 year ago

    Jonathan: No keyboard command that is generic for just any operation. Obviously you can just use the same keyboard command you used previously.

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