9 New Features of Notes in macOS Catalina

The Notes app gets a bunch of new features with Catalina, bringing it up-to-speed with Notes in iOS 13. You can do a lot more with Checklists now, share folders of Notes, and view your notes in a gallery. You can also search your Notes for objects in photos and words in scanned documents.

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    Terry Haddow
    5 years ago

    Have loved the Notes app for a while and have gradually been moving all my notes ( from Evernote & Google Keep) into it. What it lacked in function - it made up for in reliability and immediate syncing.
    Since updating to IOS 13 my syncing is not as immediate. Long delays between devices. Only happens in Notes and not other icloud apps ( calendar, pages etc). I have tried everything from deleting the app, reinstalling it etc but to no avail. Looking at forums - I seem to be the only one.

    Ann W.
    5 years ago

    You state that these new Notes features are only available if all devices are on iOS 13 or Catalina, right? Otherwise iCloud defaults to only basic functionality. All my devices are up to date except one old iPad3 which exists on iOS 6, the highest update that can be applied to it. The iPad3 is used only as a music and audiobook player (so linked to my iCloud). Does this mean I won't get the new Notes features on the rest of my devices?

    5 years ago

    Ann: Since you aren't using Notes on that old device, it really isn't a concern. Just use the new features on the new devices and don't worry about it.

    Jim Goddard
    5 years ago

    All team members have iPhones or Macs except one. Is there a way to include this non-Mac outlier in the notes app?

    5 years ago

    Jim: You could all switch to using Google for notes. But everyone would have to switch and I’m not sure if there are sharing features like iCloud anyway.

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