A Beginner’s Guide to the Mac Cursor

The cursor is the visual representation of the point on your Mac's screen where you are about to perform an action. It is typically an arrow, but can change to a special line when over text. The text cursor is a second cursor that is a blinking line indicating the position where you are typing in a text area. You can increate the cursor size in System Preferences.

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    6 years ago

    What about the white cursor when you're resizing a pasted image? I don't understand why it changes from black to white and back again.

    6 years ago

    James: Which app are you using when you see this? Sounds like a custom cursor for that specific action. There are plenty of custom cursors in apps like video editors, image editors, etc.

    Bradley Dichter
    6 years ago

    The text editing cursor is an I beam. If you click in some editable text, you will leave behind a blinking vertical line known s the insertion point. You should mention the cursor changes contextually when over certain user interface elements, such as the edge of a window so you can resize it or perhaps the dividing line between column headings in a Finder window. Dragging files from one location or volume to another would show an item count, and this behavior is modified by the option key,

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