A Look At the Apple Music Web Beta

You can now log on to your Apple Music account in a web browser, access your music library and playlists and play your music. This gives you another way to access Apple Music and is handy if you are using a non-Apple computer or have to be logged in to a work or school Apple ID.

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    5 years ago

    Hope Apple will allow you to set an order. I use iTunes playlists for my classes. Not sure how I'll manage it if they no longer have this functionality.

    5 years ago

    Kathie: Not sure what you mean by "no longer have this functionality." This is the Web version of Apple Music. It didn't exist before. If you are using Apple Music on your Mac or iOS device, that is still the same and you can certainly set the order for songs in playlists and things like that.

    Nigel Turner
    5 years ago

    Hi Gary,
    I was really disappointed that with Catalina, Apple have done away with the column browser that used to be in iTunes. The CB was so useful for managing large music libraries. I'm not the only one annoyed about this and have posted feedback to Apple accordingly.

    What's your view on it? Do you have any advice about how to get Apple to change its mind?

    5 years ago

    Nigel: I have a pretty big library myself, but never used the Column Browser much. I just use Song view and then sort by Artist, which then groups by album too. But I actually prefer Artist view as the best. I don't think they will add the Column Browser back.

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