Add iCal Events In Plain English

Click on the + button at the top of iCal in Lion, or press Command+N, and you can add events without having to use anything but plain text. For instance, you can say “Meet with Joe at 1 pm Tuesday.” It will add the event and bring up the event editor so you can add an alert or other information. See the iCal help for details of exactly what iCal understands. If yo uphold down the click over the + button, you get to choose a calendar before entering the event text.

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    8/4/11 @ 5:57 pm

    Hi mate – all your videos are great, easy to understand and you are so generous with posting tips and advice. Just wanted to let you know how much this is appreciated.


    jac mills
    8/6/11 @ 4:05 am

    Gary: I downloaded and installed Lion yesterday (10 hours!!!) and I got a few shocks, the worst being that I lost my iTunes with everything. I am downloading iTunes this morning — hoping all my stuff on iTunes will return. I also cannot get on my Macbook the standard Gmail(it doesn’t load), having now to go the HTML. I also lost many of my calendar items that I kept on Gmail. You must have made videos on some of this. Can you help, please?

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