Always Securely Empty Trash

In the Finder’s application menu are two ways to empty the Trash: Empty Trash and Secure Empty Trash. The second one will overwrite the data when you erase files, while the first leaves the data around and potentially recoverable. If you wish to use Secure Empty Trash all the time, there is no need to always go to the Finder application menu, however. Instead, just go to Finder preferences (Finder, Preferences or Command+,), go to the Advanced tab, and check off Empty Trash Securely. Now that becomes the default and even the Shift+Command+Delete shortcut maps to it instead of plain Empty Trash.

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    12/28/08 @ 4:26 pm

    I used to do that, always secure empty trash, but sometimes it takes a while.
    This year at the Apple store the technician told me it is the same, both ways. Only if I am planning to sell the computer or don’t want the data to be recovered.
    I was doing secure thinking I will get more space. The way you wrote the article it looks that just empty the trash will live the computer full of trash and for sure with less space available.
    So, if I don’t mind about someone recovers my data, do I still have to secure empty trash for space reasons?

    Thank you,

    Jean Pierre Rousselet

    12/28/08 @ 5:26 pm

    Jean: If you don’t mind someone recovering your data, then plain Empty Trash is OK.

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