Amazon To Start Selling Apple Products Again

Years ago, one of the places you could buy Macs was at But since then all you may find was a handful of odd resellers with used and older models, a few select items from Apple resellers, and a small selection from Apple. But that will change soon as CNET is reporting an official deal between Apple and Amazon.

It looks like this new deal will bring the full lineup of Macs, iPhones and iPads to Amazon from Apple and resellers. Non-authorized resellers will be removed. Having Amazon as an outlet for Apple will help customers who prefer Amazon, wish to use gift cards and balances to buy Apple products, or have other reasons to buy from Amazon instead of directly from Apple.

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    Janette Andrews
    8 months ago

    I will certainly be purchasing from Amazon as I’m a Prime member and this is convenient and probably cheaper than Best Buy or the Apple store. Plus I’ll get credit 5% back?

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