MacMost Now 916: Apple Announces New iPhone 5c, 5s

Apple introduced two new iPhone models today. The iPhone 5c is a plastic version with similar specifications to the old iPhone 5, but at a lower price. The iPhone 5s features an aluminum body with a new processor, camera and Touch ID fingerprint sensor. Each are available in a variety of colors and color cases will also be offered. The new models will be in stores on Sept. 20.

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    Wendee Mason
    11 years ago

    Thank you Gary for keeping me up to date on what is going on with Apple. You do a great video and emails. I always look at them as soon as they come out. Wendee

    11 years ago

    thank you Gary for your simplier explanation of the new iPhones
    but you omitted the price (without a contract) of both phones.
    was interrested in the 5C but, at 549(16GB) and 649(32GB) it's not an attractive/cheaper price. disappointed at Apple and will see if that has an effect on coming sales. perhaps the 5S is a better upgrade.
    any comments from others ?

    11 years ago

    Gary is as usual very vivid and concise. MacMost is a permanent favorite.
    The consistent problem solver.

    11 years ago

    Very Helpful, Thank you.

    11 years ago

    Gary as brilliant as ever, explained very well. Can't wait to get my hands on the iPhone 5s, it's the Best Smartphone of all!!!! Just one other thing, when is Australia going to pay for Apple Products the same as everybody else?

    Thanks again

    Linda Lyn
    11 years ago

    Hi Gary
    Thank you for all the Apple news you brought to me , it's good to b inform.
    I also would like to let you know we pay more for the same Apple products then you people in US. I paid Aust $800 for iPhone 4s 16 GB.
    I'm happier after watching your Video. A big thank you to you this time.

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