Apple Backup

Before Time Machine Apple produced a great piece of backup software, called Backup. The only thing that kept it from competing with other pieces of backup software was its weird distribution method: you got it by subscribing to .Mac (now MobileMe) and you could find it in the Software folder on your iDisk. So it is free, as long as you are already paying for MobileMe.
Well you can still find it there and it still works great. It offers many advantages over Time Machine. You can choose exactly what to backup — such as specific folders or types of files. You can also back up to many different types of places — like a hard drive, a CD or DVD, a network drive or even your iDisk. You could also schedule backups or do it manually. And the backups are incremental.
While I still use Time Machine as my main backup procedure, I also still use Backup to do an occasional second backup to another hard drive at a different location. And while on the road, I do backups of my Documents folder to my iDisk.

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    12/3/09 @ 1:31 am


    if this is a great piece of software, how the hell do you search the backed up files database? I’m using Backup for a few years now, backing up all my graphics and video editing work and as the DL DVDs pile up, I’m missing a search feature extremely. Can you make it work with Spotlight in some way? Or can you search directly from the app? Help appreciated!!

      12/3/09 @ 9:11 am

      I don’t think you can search. You need to know where the file was in order to ask for it to be restored. Time Machine, on the other hand, has search as a major part of it.

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