Apple Buys AR Glasses Company

It seems there is no doubt now that Apple is seriously thinking about making some sort of wearable AR device. Reuters reports that they just bought Colorado company Akonia Holographics.

AR glasses are fundamentally different than VR “goggles” in that you see through them. The screens in the glasses add information to what you see, instead of replacing it. The challenge is to make the glasses completely clear while at the same time adding images that are bright enough, and all in a thin design that people wouldn’t mind wearing.

Google experimented with AR glasses a few years ago, and Microsoft and some third-party companies currently have some on the market.Bloomberg reported that Apple is planning glasses for 2020 or beyond.

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    Harry Marks
    3 years ago

    I’d be surprised if even Apple can make AR glasses work or if they can, that they’d be a success. That said, I’d probably buy them!

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