MacMost Now 324: Apple Gift Guide 2009

It's holiday shopping time again. Here are some good ideas for what you can get Apple fans in your life. Submit your own ideas to

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So believe it or not the holiday shopping season is upon us. Here's some of my picks for the best gifts for Apple fans in your life. So I want to start off by talking about some general ideas, not actually some specific products. For instance, there are three things that you wear on your head that make a good gift for Mac or iPhone users. For instance one would be a set of noise canceling headphones. The earbuds are pretty good headphones but not good if you're in a noisy environment like an airplane. I find I have to turn the volume up on my iPhone almost all the way to be able to hear dialogue in a movie or in a podcast. So, a set of noise canceling headphones can run you 40, 50 bucks up to several hundred dollars. You can pick the quality level thats right for the gift that you want to get. Also, another type of headphones are headsets, usb headsets that you can plug into your Mac. These include a microphone, and are much better than using the internal microphone on your Mac. Say, if you use your Mac for Ichat or for Skype or even for recording a bit of audio for a podcast. Again these can be pretty cheap, 20 or 30 bucks, usually above 50 dollars you get a better quality and then you can spend several hundred dollars for some top notch headsets. Another thing you might want to look at are bluetooth headsets. These usually fit just over one ear and you can use them to connect through bluetooth, to your iPhone and make hands free calls. With more and more states putting restrictions on using phones without handsfree equipment, this could make a really good gift, and some of them are pretty reasonably priced. So ask a Mac person if they like their mouse. Chances are if its an older mouse, they dont like it at all, it may not even have a second button. And there are a lot of people that aren't too happy with their mighty mouse either. So you may want to look at the magic mouse as a good gift. I find that people that actually have it and use it love it, I know I do. And its pretty reasonably priced and make a nice gift. A fun gift for an Apple fan maybe a t-shirt. Take a look at episode 279 of MacMost Now, and you'll find all sorts of suggestions. So gifts are supposed to be fun, so why not get them a game for their Mac. The most popular game right now for the Mac is The Sims 3 which would be suitable for just about anybody. But if they're more of a hardcore gamer, you can get them Call of Duty 4. Another idea is to get them World of Warcraft so they can finally check it out. And if you're looking for maybe an older game that could appeal to both casual gamers and hardcore gamers alike, look at Spore, worked really well on the Mac when it came out and now on the new Macs, it runs great. Another idea is to take a look at which iPod they have. If they've got an old one it may be time for an upgrade. The new iPod Nano from this year has so many features that weren't available on previous versions of iPods. For instance theres a pedometer, there is a video recorder, there is an internal microphone for recording voice, there is an FM radio and all sorts of other things. So it may be good time for an upgrade. Another idea ma be a subscription to Mobile Me. If the person is still using their default email address given to them by their ISP, then having a email address might be reason enough. But also you've got things like photo galleries, the ability to sync and share, backup, all sorts of things. And you can get a actual box with the subscription code in it if you buy it from Amazon, which is even cheaper than buying it directly from Apple. Of course if you've noticed the person you get a gift for is always buying iPhone Apps or buying music or renting or buying movies, you can just get them an Itunes gift card. This will cover all of that and they can use it for the items they want. Of course if they're new to the Mac, another great gift idea might be to say, get them a book. So lets not let the list end here. I want to hear from you to find out what gifts you would suggest in all sorts of price ranges. Just leave a comment to this post at and we'll keep the list going and share ideas. Till next time, this is Gary Rosenzweig with MacMost Now.

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      9 years ago

      I’ve already purchased a number of iTunes gift cards for myself and to use as gifts. I’ve bought some at up to a 40% discount which just makes my Christmas gift dollar go a little bit further!

        9 years ago

        Where do you get 40% discount on gift card?

      9 years ago

      Hi Gary,
      Great tips which I viewed on your iPhone App. :-)
      Along with T-shirts, there are a host of other Apple clothes items you
      can get for the Mac Geek in your life like Caps!

      If they’re truly a Mac Geek (like me) and are always traveling with iPhone, iPods, laptop, etc. to work or home why not get them some Mac accessories? Extra sync cables,USB extension cables, back up batteries, USB charger, etc.
      Many thread party items work fine and are much cheaper then the “name brand.” I use many RADTech items myself with no problems.

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