Apple Gives All Employees 1Password

There are conflicting reports today about Apple’s relationship with 1Password, the password manager by independent software developer AgileBits. A report states that Apple is now buying 1Password licenses for all employees. But others are saying that Apple was already doing this, and has for a few years. But what is also interesting is that the report states that Apple is looking to acquire 1Password/AgileBits.

However, 1Password’s official Twitter account flat out denies any acquisition is in the making. It would be a strange acquisition as iCloud Keychain already has the core functionality. The main reasons to use 1Password (which I do) are then cross-platform use on Windows and Android, and extra features like the ability to store and organize all sorts of information besides passwords.

Comments on various sites lament the possibility of an acquisition, as it may lead to the end of support for Windows and Android and could force the use of iCloud as the storage service. However, Apple has been getting better at supporting third-party services. Box, for instance, is supported in Pages/Numbers/Keynote collaboration. And the Files app supports a number of services. The new Siri Shortcuts app includes extensive support for other apps, even competing ones like Google Chrome. Besides, what would be the point of acquiring 1Password only to cut it back to basically what iCloud Keychain already does.