Apple Rethinks India

While Apple’s brand is successful in most countries, there is one place where Apple hasn’t fared so well: India. At first Apple had trouble even selling iPhones in India, as the law there requires them to manufacture some percentage of devices inside the country. Even though they are available now, the vast majority opt for cheaper Android phones.

Bloomberg has a report on Apple shifting its strategy, including the introduction of official Apple Stores in the country. They are also working on improving iPhone apps and technology, such as Maps and Siri, to work better in India.

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    Vaman Kale
    3 years ago

    They will have to somehow reduce the price of iPhones. Samsung of course sells very low end models, which explains the numbers, which Apple won’t and shouldn’t do, but 1000 USD is just too much for Indians. Starting to manufacture them here will help, even if they only make SE and 6S.

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