Apple Stock Takes a Beating Over iPhone Predictions

Apple stock has dropped almost 25 percent over the last few weeks due to news that suppliers of iPhone parts have cut production, leading analysts to think that iPhone demand is slowing. In addition, Apple announced that they will no longer be breaking out numbers for product sales categories in their quarterly reports, a move not received well on Wall Street.

An insightful editorial at Apple Insider points out that the reasons for the stock price drop could be unfounded. Analysts and rumors sites often get demand predictions wrong, and have done so consistently when it comes to looking at iPhone supply lines.

Apple isn’t the only tech stock falling, with Facebook, Amazon and even Microsoft also taking big hits in the last weeks.

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    mel byrd
    12 months ago

    Investing is for the long term.

    The demand will be lower, as the sale price increases,

    However the profit margins are greater,

    The cheapest barber in town retires broke,

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