Apple Unveils iPhone 6, Apple Pay, Apple Watch

In a big media event today Apple announced the latest version of the iPhone and a new product called the Apple Watch. The iPhone 6 and 6 plus will both be larger than their predecessors and feature camera and processor upgrades. They will also both allow for a new Apple payment system that is expected to be supported by major banks and retailers. The Apple Watch will come out in 2015 as a support device for the iPhone. It will feature a small touch screen, biometrics sensors and a variety of apps.

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    10 years ago

    No mention of an OS X release date?

      10 years ago

      There were no Mac-related announcements at all today.

      10 years ago

      and what about OS X? :(

        10 years ago

        As I mentioned, no Mac-related announcements.

    10 years ago

    Will there be a watch for left-handers who wear I on their right wrist and so the dials will be on the left?

      10 years ago

      There was no mention of this. But it is possible that you could just flip the watch around and attach it to the band the opposite way. Then the crown would be on the other side. That's assuming that the screen flips too. We'll have to wait and see.

    10 years ago

    Does anyone know if they will make watches for lefty's? Being a lefty. I would wear my watch on my right wrist, so the crown would be more difficult to operate if still on the right, I'm thinking.

    Linda de la Rosa
    10 years ago

    Will I be able to trade up my iPhone 5 to 6+. If so what will be the cost of the iPhone 6+ with a trade in? I want apple pay and the larger screen. Can I order an iPhone 6+ if I plan to do a trade in?

      10 years ago

      Apple doesn't do trade-ups like that, at least not in the U.S. Your wireless carrier may offer something, but you'd have to contact them to ask. Typically, people resell their old iPhones using sites like Gazelle or Amazon's program. That gets you some money back to spend on your new iPhone.

    Marsha Avery
    10 years ago

    Will the IPHone 6 have the ability to print out text messages? I currently have a 4S and I know of no way to do it other than to take a screen shot, email it to myself and then print it. Is there a way to do this I don't know or does it require 3rd party software?

    The camera is improved but I need some measuring stick for the difference (to the naive user) regarding 16GB, 32GB etc. Does that mean I can do a 5 minute video, 20 minute video etc. relative to size of phone (GB) purchased?

      10 years ago

      There's no way to print messages directly, no. But you don't need that many steps to do it now. Just take a screen shot, go to the Photos app, and print from there. No need to email it to yourself.
      I'm not going to do the math, but the nature of video isn't changing, just the quality of the camera hardware. A 1080p video of ducks in a pond is still a 1080p video of ducks in a pond, so it will still take up the same space. It just may look a little sharper or some other quality improvement with an iPhone 6.

    9 years ago

    Very interesting. Thanks for tips

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