Apple Watch First Look

A brief look at the new Apple Watch. Hear about the basic setup procedure and take a look at the interface. See what some of the apps look like and how they work. Hear Gary's first impressions of the long-awaited Apple Watch.
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Hi this is Gary with On this episode let's take a look at the new Apple Watch.

So after I got my Apple Watch I unboxed it and then proceeded to set it up which involves pairing it with your phone. So I turned it on and it asked to pair with an iPhone. I was able to very easily go then and set it up on my iPhone which already had the Apple Watch app on it that was installed with the last iOS update.

It took a few minutes and after it was done I was able to access things on the app on the iPhone and I was able, of course, to do things on my Apple Watch as it was using my iPhone to communicate with the outside world.

So let's look at how to customize the watch face. You just tap and hold in the middle of the clock there and it will bring up the menu where it shows you you can customize what is currently going on there or flip between some of the different types of faces. If you go all the way to the end you can create your own so I've created a couple of utility ones there.

I'll create a new one and you can go back and forth. You can see I can use the dial here to go back and forth and pick one that I want. So I can pick this one for instance. I tap and then it appears. Tap and hold down again and I will customize it and there is various things I can do here.

You can see there is two dots at the top. That means there are two different types of settings here. So I can customize the color here with the dial and then I can flip and I customize other things. In this case things that are there. So, for instance, things in the upper right hand corner I can go from moon phase to weather. Up here I can change it from date to moon phase. So there is various different things you can do with the different spots on the screen. Once you are done you can press the dial in and then tap there and you've got your result.

So let's look at how you get to the apps. You press the dial and it takes you to the app screen which you have probably seen here. You can go through all these different little app icons. You can zoom in and out using the dial to see all your apps. You have control over which apps are there from your iPhone interface.

You can just move around and when you want to go to an app you can tap it and like it takes you to the timer there. You can easily go back to the home screen.

Here are some of the basic apps you've got. You've got, in addition to the clock, you've got a remote app to control your Apple TV, you've got a Stop Watch app, and also a Timer app. You've got a Mail app to see what mail you've got. You can access your Calendars. You can access your Music, there is Maps, there is Weather so you can scroll through and see the forecast and everything.

I've got some third party apps here. Cycling apps, Twitter, I've got some airline apps that have come out, there is Pandora.

I've got an app here that allows you to control the camera on your phone so I can actually take a shot with the camera and it will open up the camera and I can actually see what my camera is seeing. So kind of a remote control camera app.

I've got the Phone app which will dial my phone for me. I've got Passbook right there.

Let's look at the Photos app. I just have a few photos loaded on here. I can flip through them and then I can zoom in, if I want, on them. I can zoom out to see all my photos there. Then tap one to go into it.

To send a message on it, so the Messages app when you go to send a message to create a new message you tap and hold down in the middle of the screen. You can tap New Message and then you can Add Contact or Create a Message. You are going to have to do both. I can pick from all these different ones that I've got here. Send an emoji or I can record one. This is a test. Tap done and you can see that I can now choose to send it as audio or send it as text.

So a big part of using your Apple Watch is controlling it from your iPhone. So you've got this Apple Watch app here and the main part of it, you can see there is several parts on the bottom, the main part is My Watch.

In My Watch you've got a lot of controls like for instance App Layout. I can take a look at all the different apps I've got and I can move them around. So I can grab Pandora, for instance, and move it to another spot if I wanted to. So I do have the ability to do that.

So physically the watch feels pretty good on the wrist. You can see its kind of got this area here where its got all the sensors. That doesn't bother me at all and the band, this is the sport model, the smallest sport model, and I've just been wearing it for a few hours and it feels pretty good. The controls feel really solid and good. It's not very heavy but it is also not very light either.

I can see there's the microphone here on the side and that works with Siri as well as other things so you can ask Siri questions. What's the weather like? You get a little answer right there.

The charging stand is a standard USB cable that fits into the same charger the iPhone uses. Then this kind of fits right on it and it clicks in place as there is a little bit of a magnet in there. So it is really easy to put down and make sure that it is charging. So is no physical connector. It is just basically sits on top of each other with a little bit of a magnetic pull.

My first impressions of the watch are pretty good. It seems like a well built device. I remains to be seen how useful it is especially for someone like me who is not used to wearing a watch.

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    Petter Miller
    4 years ago

    Wow fascinating Gary thanx. At this stage I’ll wait & hold off from purchasing one

    Adam Snyder
    4 years ago

    Excellent video Gary.
    Thanks for the intro. into the Apple Watch.

    Andy Clark
    4 years ago

    Hi Gary, really great heads-up on the Apple Watch. Alas, I have to wait until June to get my black Apple Watch Sport, but you producing this video is going to help me out lots for when it does arrive. Thanks!

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