MacMost Now 446: Apple’s Ping Social Network

Apple introduced its first modern social network with Ping in iTunes 10. Ping allows you to follow your friends and see what music they have purchased and comment on music and other iTunes items.

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    G Tyler
    14 years ago

    Not sure why they limited this to just music. I would much rather talk about TV shows and movies with my friends.

    Maybe they are just trying to sneak up on Facebook. How cool would Facebook be if Apple designed it? Hmmmm

    I also see that the spammers have attacked Ping too. They make it sound like anybody can get a free Apple iPod just by filling out a survey.

    14 years ago

    Ping is an interesting idea. However, with the current iTunes store, it is not useful to me. If iTunes sold lossless audio, then I would feel differently and would likely start purchasing music through iTunes. For now, I'll stick to CDs for my home stereo and converting those CDs to higher bit rate MP3s for my iPhone and car stereo.

    I also do agree with G Tyler above me on the TV shows and movies idea. Those are the only things I do rent/buy through iTunes.

    14 years ago

    Wow. This video never appeared on my You Tube subscriptions. It's been doing that for a while. I don't know how to fix it, so I'm going to watch the videos from here.

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