MacMost Now 334: Back to My Mac

Take a look at Back to My Mac, a feature of MobileMe that allows you to easily connect to your home Mac while away. You can share files and the screen. Back to My Mac will communicate with MobleMe so you can connect even if you are on a different network and have changing dynamic IP addresses.

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      14 years ago

      Hi Gary, on a related subject, I've installed Mocha VNC Lite on my iPhone which I use to connect to my Macbook on my LAN but I haven't worked out how to set this up to use over the internet. Perhaps this is an idea for an episode? Cheers, Randall

        14 years ago

        It can be tricky because all the problems come down to the router. And there are so many different ones. It is a matter of making sure that the VNC ports in the router forward to the Mac, and that the Mac stays at the same IP address inside the local network. But how to do that all depends on the type of router.

      14 years ago

      I have mobileme set up on both my mac mini and my macbook. I never have much trouble connecting them through back to my mac. When I'm at home, is there a way to tell if the two computers are connecting through the mobileme service, or if they're connecting directly through my local router? For some reason it feels like they are connecting from far away even when both computers are connected to the same wireless router. I can share files with a non-mobileme enabled laptop on the same LAN much faster! Can I force them to connect through LAN when they're on the same network?

        14 years ago

        They are connecting through your router. Back-to-my-Mac just tells them where to look. Back-to-my-Mac is just a way for them to find each other when not on the same router. The data is not flowing through MobileMe in either situation.

      Jon Swank
      13 years ago

      Hello Gary. I really appreciate your videos. Have they been removed from the ROKU lineup? I can not get you for over a week now on the ROKU.

        13 years ago

        They should appear on Roku in the channel. Which channel were you looking at before?

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