MacMost Now 698: Better Audio With Final Cut Pro Multicam Editing

Multicam editing can be used to combine multiple angles of the same shot. But it can also be simply used to combine a video show with separate audio. You can record video from one device and audio from another and easily combine the two in Final Cut Pro.

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    12 years ago

    Hi Gary,

    I miss being able to leave comments, so I decided to send you a pm to thank you for your videos.

    The last two videos were very helpful to me.

    I just started working with Final Cut Pro X. I want to record my Native American Flutes with an echo/reverb effect to make them sound like I'm outside in a canyon. Can you tell me how to get this effect? I have a 2011 iMac, New iPad and a Snowball Blue mic. Thanks for any advice.

    Take care,

    Tim  :)

      12 years ago

      Miss being able to send comments? But you ARE posting a comment. What do you mean?
      I would use GarageBand to get your echo. It is easy to apply audio effects like that there.

    12 years ago

    Hey Gary,
    you could have just used the "synchronize clips" option instead of making a multicam clip, which may have suited the use case better.

    12 years ago

    Does Final cut pro have great text capabilities like I would do in keynote as a transparent video overlay in iMovie?

      12 years ago

      Not sure what you mean. There are lots of title choices, yes. And each choice has lots of options, yes. And with Motion you can even create your own title templates.

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