MacMost Now 636: Buying Digital iTunes Gifts

You can buy gifts in iTunes for your friends and family. You can gift songs, albums and iOS apps. They would get a code and use that to purchase the specific item in iTunes. You can also buy them Apple and iTunes gift cards. You can send them via email, or order a physical one with a special message.

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    12 years ago

    The gift program has failed me. My best mate and I are fans of the software from Cave Co ltd. They released a new game on Dec. 15 2011, called Bug Princess. I tried to gift it to him. I assumed it had worked. I received an email notifying me of the purchase details. I had no issue selecting gift, putting in his email ,and my details. This was 6 days ago. My best mate has yet to receive said gift. We both have 4s', and are on the same carrier. Cave constantly operates in the red, so I don't care about the extra charge my credit card. The arcade port is so well done, I would have paid much more, no problem ! I just wanted to let people know that sometimes it's not a good idea at all, unless you would like to make a donation to your favourite publisher.

      12 years ago

      If your friend never got his app, then it could come down to an email address issue. Perhaps you sent it to the wrong address? Or, maybe it went into his spam folder?

    11 years ago

    May I gift a specific app to someone who has an itunes account in a different countryā€™s store from which it was gifted?
    Mine is from US and I want to gift a GPS for my girlfriend in Brazil.

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