MacMost Now 636: Buying Digital iTunes Gifts

You can buy gifts in iTunes for your friends and family. You can gift songs, albums and iOS apps. They would get a code and use that to purchase the specific item in iTunes. You can also buy them Apple and iTunes gift cards. You can send them via email, or order a physical one with a special message.
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Hi this is gary with MacMost Now, In today's episode let's look at gifting musics and apps in itunes. So with the holidays coming up, you may be looking for gift ideas for friends and family. Well apple has several options for sending digital gifts through itunes, let's take a look. So in the itune store one of the simple thing you can do is gift some music. So say you will click on album and in the album there you can click on the pop-up menu next to the 'price the album' where you can do a whole bunch of different things one of them is gift this album. So you have this special form here, so all you really need to do is know the email address for the person you want to send the gift to. Doesn't have to be the apple id email address , could be anything because they are gonna get this code that they can copy and paste or type in to their itunes account which will then gift them this piece of music or album. You can actually even send it to multiple people. So friend, and save a favorite album and you want to give everybody in your office a copy of that album or song. You can create a list of addresses, they will be charged for each one but it's an easy way to send our gift to a whole bunch of different people. Now if you rather gift wrapped something you can choose print the gift and it will print a piece of paper that's got the code on it. So then you can gift wrap it and then give it to somebody in personal. Now when somebody is in itunes they can look for the redeem function which you can find by clicking on your account at the upper right. It's hidden by my picture right there but you can select redeem and then it will take you to the screen where it allow you to enter this code in, you can copy and paste it and if the code for a specific gift like a specific song or an album they'll just get that song or album as soon as they enter that code in. they can do the same thing in the app store, so here I am see an app and I want to gift it to somebody. I can click on gift this app in the same way and I can send this app to someone. Of course make sure that the app is compatible with whatever device they have, friends *sended an ipad only game and they will have an iphone. You wanna make sure that. So you can send it the same way as the music, the only other item you seem to ever send as gift is a full price movie in itunes. Other categories like books for instance and rentals you can't do yet as gifts but perhaps apple has to do this later. Now another way to go we get somebody a gift card. Keep in your mind there are two different types of gift cards from apple, one is an apple gift card which allows you to buy things in apple store on the app store online so you know hardware basically. The other is the itunes gift card which allow you to buy music, apps, so like anything, you can even use it in the mac app store, you can use it in the mac ibook store as well. Now you can go to this page of the apple site here and say click on itunes gift card, you can choose variety of styles and even once you choose one you can personalize it so there is a different message to the top and choose where you wanted it to be send. In the addition to that you can also e-mail somebody a gift certificate, so if you want to do it completely digitally, now takes you to the itunes application just as before and there is an entire different page where you can pick an amount and type of personal message, and then it will send them e-mail with the gift card. Again it's a redeem code, when they enter that redeem code in instead of actually getting a specific piece of music or an app, they get money credited toward their itunes account. So here is the few ways to send out digital gifts to friends using apple and itunes for holidays. Hope you found this useful till next time this is gary with MacMost Now. Want more video tutorials just go to and click on the videos link at the at the top of the page and then you can view all the hundreds of MacMost video by category.

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    7 years ago

    The gift program has failed me. My best mate and I are fans of the software from Cave Co ltd. They released a new game on Dec. 15 2011, called Bug Princess. I tried to gift it to him. I assumed it had worked. I received an email notifying me of the purchase details. I had no issue selecting gift, putting in his email ,and my details. This was 6 days ago. My best mate has yet to receive said gift. We both have 4s’, and are on the same carrier. Cave constantly operates in the red, so I don’t care about the extra charge my credit card. The arcade port is so well done, I would have paid much more, no problem ! I just wanted to let people know that sometimes it’s not a good idea at all, unless you would like to make a donation to your favourite publisher.

      7 years ago

      If your friend never got his app, then it could come down to an email address issue. Perhaps you sent it to the wrong address? Or, maybe it went into his spam folder?

    6 years ago

    May I gift a specific app to someone who has an itunes account in a different country’s store from which it was gifted?
    Mine is from US and I want to gift a GPS for my girlfriend in Brazil.

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