Club MacMost Exclusive: Changing Hot Corners With a Shortcut

While doing a video on Hot Corners I began to wonder if you can use a Terminal command, and thus a Shortcut, to change what each Hot Corner does. Turns out you can. Here's the basic Terminal command: <strong>defaults write wvous-XX-corner -int Y</strong> XX would be <strong>tr</strong>, <strong>tl</strong>, <strong>br</strong>, <strong>bl</strong> depending on each corner (top/bottom, right/left). Y would be one of these: 0=nothing, 2=Mission Control, 3=Show App Windows, 4=Show Desktop, 5=Start Screen Saver, 6=Disable Screen Saver, 10=Display Sleep, 11=Launchpad, 12=Notification Center, 13=Lock Screen. Then you need to use this to restart the Desktop and have it take affect: <strong>killall Dock</strong> You can also use this to set a modifier key for the Hot Corner: <strong>defaults write wvous-XX-modifier -int Z</strong> Z would be: 0=nothing, 131072=Shift, 262144=Control, 524288=Option, 1048576=Command

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