Converting Currency Values in Numbers

You can use one of four functions in numbers to convert monetary values from one currency to another. You can use the price from the previous day, or a historical value. If you need to know the special currency symbol, you can look that up online.

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    7 years ago

    You started in the middle. Where is the template? You might want to start with find the template ....

    7 years ago

    Smoldt: Template? I'm not using a template. I just using a "Blank" spreadsheet.

    7 years ago

    Hi Gary, great video! It's exactly what I need! However, I don't have Currencyconvert as an option?! Are you aware of this being removed or do I need to enable advanced settings or download some sort of plugin? Thanks in advance, - Jordan

    7 years ago

    Jordan: Do you have the latest version of Numbers?

    7 years ago

    Is it possible to convert Cryptocurrency Values in Numbers?

    7 years ago

    Remco: There is no function for that.

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