Copy and Paste Files

You can copy files with drag and drop, but did you know you can also use copy and paste? Just select a file in one folder, choose Edit, Copy or Command+C. Then go to another folder and choose Edit, Paste or Command+V. This is very handy when you don’t want to have both folders on the screen at the same time.

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    13 years ago

    Do you know of a way to cut and paste files from one finder to another the same as in windows. I love mac to bits and the same for OSX but this the only thing that I miss. I was reading something to do with apple scripts to make it work. I have tried and failed at doing it this way,

    Thanks Chris.

      13 years ago

      Not sure what you are asking. Do you mean copying from one Finder window to another? That's what the tip is about. Just select, copy, select, paste.

        13 years ago

        Yes but instead of copy and paste being able to actually cut and paste from one finder window to another, as not to leave behind a copy of the file that you have to the delete.

          13 years ago

          Ah, I see. Cut and Paste instead of Copy and Paste.
          That's not an option, probably because it could create some problems. Imagine cutting the file, and then on the way to paste it you get distracted. You could lose that file, very easily. And if you are prompted to be sure, then it is the same number of steps as a copy, paste and go-back-and-delete.
          You could make the cut just like copy, but then upon pasting it deletes the original. But that would be different behavior than a normal cut and paste, so they probably didn't want to do that.

            12 years ago

            Many great things about Mac as I am finding out, but Mac really misses the boat by not having available a seamless and simple File Cut and Paste option. In Windows, if you Cut a File and then get distracted before you Paste it elsewhere, you don't ever lose that file, it just stays where it was.

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