MacMost Now 848: Correctly Identifying Your Mac

If you are posting to Apple's discussion forums, or are simply asking for service or help, it is important to be able to convey critical information about your Mac. Learn how to find the correct name for your Mac, the amount of memory and storage space you have available, and the version of OS X you are using. Also, if you are discussing an app, it is important to mention the version of the app you are using.

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    Kim Sinclair
    11 years ago

    another excellent tip video

    mary parks
    11 years ago

    Excellent, but how do I identify whether I have Lion or Snow Leopard, for instance?

      11 years ago

      Cat names refer to the version of OS X. When someone says Mountain Lion, they mean OS X 10.8. Lion is 10.7. Snow Leopard is 10.6, etc. Easy to find the full list if you need more.

        11 years ago

        I would be curious to know what OS X 10.9 is going to be called (if Apple gets that far.)

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