Counting Items With Numbers

Sometimes you want to be able to count the number of items in a table and get the total. You can do this with the COUNTIF function. It will return the numbers of items that match a certain criteria. You can also use the COUNTIFS function to match multiple criteria in a more complex table.

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    Jose Osorio
    10 years ago

    Hi Gary. I was wondering why you write "=this" instead of referring to the cell itself, for instance B1. I tried it on mine and it did work. It would make it easier when copy pasting..

    Thanks for your great videos, I am constantly learning with them ;-)

      10 years ago

      Sure, you can do it either way. It might not always be the case that you are using a heading column with exactly the same text as what you are matching. But if you are, then using a reference saves time.

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