Creating A Custom Chime On Your Mac With Crontab

If you want to set a custom chime on your Mac you can do so by setting a crontab with the Terminal. You can set it to chime any any interval you wish. It can play a system sound, custom sound, or speak the time in a number of voices. You can even have it only work between certain hours of the day.

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    5 years ago

    Wow, Gary! One of the sad things about the Mac these days is it's getting too nerdy. I use Cuckoo to make my Mac bong the hours. I asked the developer if there was a chance he could make it chime as well (like a long case clock) and he said he'd been thinking about this but so far, years later, he's done nothing. I also have the Mac set up to tell me the time every half hour, along with one bong from Cuckoo. But I'd like something for the quarter hours too so I might try this. Thanks for this.

    5 years ago

    LOVE it, I felt like flashback to an old Unix class y e a r s ago, but those were still happy memories. I will try this 'just because it sounds fun' ;) thnx

    5 years ago

    Not being a programmer, before I try this I wonder how one would cancel the programmed custom chime if you didn't want it anymore?

    5 years ago

    Bruce: Just remove that line from the crontab file.

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