MacMost Now 898: Creating Animated GIFs

Creating an animated GIF from a video is easy if you have an app to do it. Learn how to use GIFBrewery to create a quick GIF from a video. You can view these GIFs in the Finder, or in a web browser. You can also share them and upload them to many web sites.

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    Douglas Brace
    11 years ago

    Something to keep in mind because you said it several times... Facebook does not support animated GIF files.

      11 years ago

      Ways to get around that include Facebook apps and simply storing the GIFs on your own site or storage and linking to it.

    11 years ago

    Is there an app to create an animated GIF of your signature? Sometime ago I had an animated GIF created from a scan of my signature. I keep it in Dropbox so I can insert it at the end of my Gmails. I get lots of positive comments on how cool it looks.

      11 years ago

      I don't know of one. I suppose if you are signing with a tablet you could use QuickTime Player or any screen capture software to record you while you do it. Then export as a video and convert to GIF.

    11 years ago

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