MacMost Now 715: Creating Mix Tapes With iTunes

Learn how to make playlists of your favorite songs and share them with friends. You can burn various types of CDs. You can also share your playlist online with friends using Ping, or gift a whole custom-made album of music to a friend.

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    12 years ago

    Hey Gary,
    I like this video but let me make a recommendation. As opposed to just creating a playlist and calling it a "mixed tape," I'd suggest to getting either one of two free softwares and manipulating the tracks: Audacity or VirtualDJ. There you can bring tracks in and out, add reverb, remove the vocals, highlight the bass, etc. You can then import the final mix in any format that you want-- mp3 or aac being the least attractive.

    You can also bring your own cd songs into iTunes as a Wave or Apple Lossless file-- that sounds so much better than those file compression formats you mentioned-- and, they can be burned on to a regular cd.

    12 years ago

    When creating an MP3 audio CD, you mention needing to rebuild your playlist if your source material is not MP3, (such as music purchased from iTunes).

    Here's what I do when I want to create an MP3 CD with music I bought from iTunes (from playlists that are longer than an audio CD length):

    I create a playlist using the files purchased from iTunes, then create a smart playlist with a rule to only look at MP3 files that were added today, (Kind is "MPEG audio file" - Date Added is today's date, which is the default)

    Go back to your first playlist, choose all the songs, right click, choose "create MP3 version". It will then convert all songs and convert them in the correct order and add them in that order to your MP3 Smart Playlist.

    After you burn your MP3 CD, you can then choose to just delete your duplicate MP3 files, if you like, (sort your entire library by "date added" and all the converted files are at the top).

    My car stereo has no AUX jack, but does play MP3 CDs. This process is a great way to listen to my iTunes music when I'm in the car.

    Ray Highfill
    12 years ago

    I would mention the print CD Cover option after creating a music cd also.

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