Smart Quotes in TextEdit

File this post under things you can discover when playing around with a program’s preferences.

This might interest the typographically alert regarding apostrophes in TextEdit: You’re not limited to rigid typewriter quotes when separating out extracted groups of words. Believe it or not you also have the option to use curvy and professional looking Smart Quotes (also known as Typographers Quotes) to help you exhibit blocks of someone else’s iterations.

What difference does it make which kind of quotes one uses?

Well. Each kind of quote has their use; The stiff and inflexible typewriter quotes look strongest when indicating inches and feet, but they are flimsy and unprofessional looking when used to contain repeated passages. The Smart Quote, on the other hand, shines it’s curvy brightest when embracing citations. They’re the hugs of the printed page.

To activate Smart Quotes: Go to the TextEdit Preferences menu and check the box for “Smart Quotes”.