Customizing Your Dock

If you tire of the standard Leopard dock and would like to customize it into something new and you, read on. You’re on your way customizing heaven.

First thing – find or create some dock graphics. Anything you like. There’s no limit to the amount of style or weirdness that you can install as your dock. It’s your dock. As long as it’s in the form of a .png that’s properly labeled and is the right size, you’re on your way.

Here’s the four sizes you’ll need, and how to label them:

900×128 – scurve-sm.png
1280×128 – scurve-m.png
1280×98 – scurve-l.png
1280×86 – scurve-xl.png

Finished your graphics? Okay!

There’s an easy way and a hard way to swap out the graphics for your dock. I’m going to skip the hard way and save you from slow, incremental, behind-the-scenes system juggling.

Instead I’m going to recommend a that you use a five upthrusted thumb customizing program to do all the hard work. Scurry over to and download Candy Bar. Don’t worry. Your credit card isn’t necessary – you can play with this program free for a couple of weeks.

And now to get your dock onto your desktop.

In Candy Bar, click on “dock view” and drag your .png files into their proper places. Then click “apply dock”.

See Candy Bar in action; watch MacMost Now 7: Customizing the Dock