MacMost Now 604: Cutaways in Final Cut Pro X

In Final Cut Pro X you can switch back and forth between videos using a variety of methods. The video can shift from one viewpoint to another while the audio stays constant. Learn about mixing multiple video tracks and going back and forth between them.

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    13 years ago

    When I hit the delete key to remove the clip that was selected with the "range" tool, it collapses the empty space.

    How can I get it to leave the gap?

      13 years ago

      Control+click on the clip and you'll see a variety of options. One of which is "replace with gap."

    12 years ago

    replace with gap cannot be undone in my case. Very boring when you expected to just to delete a keyframe and the whole media is gone…

    12 years ago

    Hi body,first I like all those explanations you have on Facebook. That's very great specially for me who have learned alot from those video's. The question I have for you is why Final cut pro x take so much space when it's rendering? is there any way I can eliminate automatic render? or save it?

      12 years ago

      It makes sense that it would use a lot of disk scratch space when rendering. I don't think you want to not have it render in the background. I would simply invest in some more hard drive space since it is so cheap now.

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