MacMost Now 577: Don’t Stress About Rumors

Apple users can sometimes stress about when is the best time to by a new Mac, iPhone, iPad or iPod. Rumors are always around that a new device is on the way. But putting off a purchase isn't always that important. Learn to research the validity of rumors and don't stress about getting your new Apple hardware at the exact right time.
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Hi, this is Gary with MacMost Now. I'm here in Oahu and I'd like to take the time to do another video on another topic that stresses out allot of Apple users. Question I get all the time is,Is it the right time to buy a new Mac or an iphone, ipod or ipad ? People hear rumors and they think a new one might be coming out soon and should they wait or should they buy now. This is a very common question that I get and there's no good answer for it.
First thing you want to do is check your information. You may have heard something about a new product coming out but, there's sites you can go to easily check those rumors. The two biggest rumor sites are: and I find these have the best information but, the information there is still rumors but its better than here-say, something a friend may have told you. At least you can check there and see exactly what the sources are and what the rumor is.
I find a better place to check is the release dates of Apple products. So for instance, say you want to know if a new iMac is coming out soon. I would simply go to the Wikipedia page for that product say, the iMac, and look at the previous release dates. Allot of times its pretty obvious when Apple wants to release new products and Apple doesn't deviate from this very often. For instance, they don't come out with a new version of a product just a few months after they released a previous one and they don't wait much longer than a year to come out with a new version of something.
The thing you have to remember about rumors is that most of them are false. Most of them don't actually happen. There are far more rumors of release dates for Apple products than actually there are releases. So, they'll be many guesses made until one is finally right and that right one is what everybody remembers. But even then, with release dates, with rumors, you just don't know. If Apple hadn't said anything officially, then there's no way to be sure that a new products coming out. Sometimes release dates and rumors have been completely off and sometimes they've been right on.
So, it really comes down to you. You have to ask yourself, is it more important to wait awhile or to have the product and use it now? If its going to take a few months for something to come out, is that increase in productivity your going to get from using a new version of the product worth it to have for those few months or, is it just worth it to wait?
Allot of times new products come out and they're just slight speed increases. It really wasn't worth it to wait especially, if it was going to be several months. Other times, entire new designs come out or new features are added. For instance, if you waited for the new line of iMac's to come out to get Thunderbolt, well thats fine but there aren't really very many Thunderbolt devices out now. You may not need Thunderbolt for awhile. I remember waiting for the first fire-wire Mac towers to come out yet, I didn't end up actually using any fire-wire devices for years so, it really wasn't worth the few months that I waited for that particular model. So my personal philosophy is to buy a new machine when I need it and not wait for a new version that might be coming out in some months in the future.
Remember that your always going to be out of date at some point. Unless you buy a new Mac or iphone or ipad every time a new one comes out, your always going to find yourself behind after the next one comes out. So, any advantage you have for waiting and getting the latest is only gonna be temporary anyway. So I hope this advice helps; till next time, this is Gary with MacMost Now.

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    Michael Glavin
    8 years ago


    This Hawaii series is STRESSING ME OUT! Why am I sitting here, watching this video podcast, when I could be sitting on a beach enjoying cocktails? Why do I care about the newest silicon device, when I could be enjoying the feeling of the element between my bare toes on some gorgeous beach somewhere? For the price of this silly thing on my desk, I could be sitting there in Hawaii, wearing my own ridiculous shirt, without a care about any of the crap I cling to daily on these various backlit displays.

    That’s it. I am selling my Mac, my iPhone, and my iPad, and I am COMING TO HAWAII!!

    Tom Torrioni
    8 years ago

    Hey Gary!

    Glad you’re enjoying your vacation in Hawaii. This video makes me chuckle because everyone I know that has/uses Apple products asks this question. I am guilty myself of wondering when to buy. Your tip about the MacRumors website is a good one, but here is a link for that site that narrows it down with more specific Apple product release info:

    Hope this helps someone who is pondering their next Apple purchase!

    8 years ago

    How do you feel about the Apple tv… Update comming soon or not?

      8 years ago

      Well, using the technique I show in the video:
      (Look up in Wikipedia)
      Apple TV 1: March 2007.
      Apple TV 2: September 2010.
      So is Apple TV 3 likely in 2011? Probably not.
      It just doesn’t make sense for Apple to release a new Apple TV this year.

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