Editing Photos In iOS 8

You can edit photos using the Photos app or the Camera app. The photo editor is a little more advanced in iOS 8, taking a few of the features from the now discontinued iPhoto app. You can adjust cropping, rotation, colors and apply filters. You can also use third-party apps to add more. These act as extensions so you never have to leave the Photos or Camera app to apply the effects.

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    Kirby Wood
    10 years ago

    I looks like the whole process of editing photos has been simplified while adding yet more options. Thank you for a great presentation.

    Frederic Sidler
    10 years ago

    Great tuto. Always two missing features in their app.
    1. impossible to flip the image. the front camera takes images and they are inverses.
    2. filters are great. this would be cool to be able to save some of them for bulk transformation

      10 years ago

      Number 2 is a good idea. But as for number 1, that isn't true. The preview when you are taking the picture shows a reverse image to make it easier to pose. But the resulting picture it takes is not reversed. Try taking a picture of a sign and see.

    Lance Barrs
    10 years ago

    Thanks for the tutorial on the editing features using the iPhoto app with - IOS 8. I must say that dropping the photo/web journal feature of the old iPhoto app using system IOS 7 is a big disappointment to me. Is there a possibility of this feature coming back in future updates to iPhoto ?

      10 years ago

      I doubt it. You can already create shared photo streams and will soon be able to make Photo Library shared albums, I'm sure. Plus, there are a ton of third-party apps that do photo galleries and journals, so there is no need for Apple to provide it as built-in functionality.

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