Editing Photos In iOS 8

You can edit photos using the Photos app or the Camera app. The photo editor is a little more advanced in iOS 8, taking a few of the features from the now discontinued iPhoto app. You can adjust cropping, rotation, colors and apply filters. You can also use third-party apps to add more. These act as extensions so you never have to leave the Photos or Camera app to apply the effects.
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Hi, this is Gary with MacMost.com. On today's episode let's look at editing photos in iOS 8 and also adding third party photo extensions.

So let's take a look at this on an iPhone 5S. Things look pretty similar on all devices. Notice things like, for instance on the iPad, some of the controls on the opposite side. Let's edit this whole photo. I'm going to hit the Edit button. Some of these things look familiar from the old photos app in iOS 7 and before and also in the iPhoto app.

For instance in the upper left hand corner you can see the magic wand, the automatic enhance button. Tap that and it is going to change a few things to try and optimize the picture. It is always a good idea just to try that to see what it does.

Now let's look at some of the buttons on the right. So we have the cropping button which also allows you to rotate the picture. So you can see I can grab a corner and I can crop the photo, I can drag the photo around in that frame area, and hit the reset button to reset it. I also have the angles here on the right and I can tap on the right there and rotate the image.

What it is going to do when you bring up a photo for the first time is it going to try and automatically rotate the image. It will look for any straight lines in the photo and try to figure out if the photo is a little bit off and try to maybe put it in a better kind of angle. So you may see it automatically do something as soon as you go to crop.

You've also got the ability to use the square with the arrow at the top to rotate by ninety degrees, such as that. Then at the bottom there, you can see, you can set the format here. So for instance if I wanted to make this a square photo, I can make it square there. I can still drag within to change this. As soon as I move the box now it is going to stay square.

You can always hit the Reset button to go back. It is very easy to play with this and see what you can do and not have to worry about trying to get back to step one.

Now let's look at the second button on the right. This will bring up filters. You can try all sorts of different filters there and just switch between them just to see what they can do for you. You can go up to None to cancel that.

The third button allows you to adjust things and fine tune things. You've got three different types of controls. For instance under Light, if I tap that, you can see I can change all sorts of different things. I can just go right for the exposure or I can do something more subtle like changing the shadows. Then I can bring this meter up or down just by sliding it with my finger here. I can bring these controls back here and try to change the contrast as well. So you can adjust multiple ones to get what you want.

I can close Light there and go to Color. Under color I can drag this to adjust the color, like that. I can also go to say something specific like saturation or cast. Then finally I've got black and white options so there is a lot here I can do with the black and white. I can change things like intensity, neutrals, tone, and grain. So you can play with all of these different things to get the photo exactly like you want. There is basically almost infinite possibilities because there are so many different settings and so many different ways that you can set them.

Now let's look at adding extensions. You don't have to just stick with the filters that are there in the photos app. You can add new ones. The only one I've been able to find so far in the early days of iOS 8 is an app called Fragment. You can see it at the bottom right there.

So I've gone to the App Store and I've purchased that for two bucks and I've installed it. Now that I've done that let's go back to editing and edit this photo again. Notice there is a new button on the bottom left. There are three dots there. I tap that and there is going to be nothing in it right now except the More button. I tap More and it will show me the apps that have extensions for this app. So they actually have an extension for photos.

The same thing will happen when you do the same process basically if you are looking for extension in Safari. You are in the Safari app and you look for that button with three dots and you get to here. In this case I'm going to enable Fragment here as a photo editor and now I can see when I hit those three dots I can bring up, I get Fragment right there and now there is my photo and I can use the filters here in Fragment to do all sorts of different weird things with my photo.

So, of course, this is just one example. It is pretty much fully functional part of the app but I'm still in the photos app. So once I get something I like, so let's do this one here, I hit Done. You can see I'm still in my photos app but it's made the changes.

I think over the coming months we're going to see tons of different third party apps that add more filters and functionality to photo editing in both the photos and camera app.

An app that actually adds stuff right now to video editing is iMovie. If you have Apple's iMovie the most recent version for iOS 8 you have those three dots and are able to do some iMovie editing inside the photos apps when you edit a video. So you may want to check that out as well.

Hope you found this useful. Until next time this is Gary with MacMost.com

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    Kirby Wood
    5 years ago

    I looks like the whole process of editing photos has been simplified while adding yet more options. Thank you for a great presentation.

    Frederic Sidler
    5 years ago

    Great tuto. Always two missing features in their app.
    1. impossible to flip the image. the front camera takes images and they are inverses.
    2. filters are great. this would be cool to be able to save some of them for bulk transformation

      5 years ago

      Number 2 is a good idea. But as for number 1, that isn’t true. The preview when you are taking the picture shows a reverse image to make it easier to pose. But the resulting picture it takes is not reversed. Try taking a picture of a sign and see.

    Lance Barrs
    5 years ago

    Thanks for the tutorial on the editing features using the iPhoto app with – IOS 8. I must say that dropping the photo/web journal feature of the old iPhoto app using system IOS 7 is a big disappointment to me. Is there a possibility of this feature coming back in future updates to iPhoto ?

      5 years ago

      I doubt it. You can already create shared photo streams and will soon be able to make Photo Library shared albums, I’m sure. Plus, there are a ton of third-party apps that do photo galleries and journals, so there is no need for Apple to provide it as built-in functionality.

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