Editing Video In iOS 8 With the iMovie Extension

In iOS 8 you can add extensions to the Photos app. One extension is part of the iMovie app. If you have iMovie installed, you can access a simple editor inside of the Photos app and add filters, titles and music to your videos without ever needing to leave the Photos app.

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    Kerrie Redgate
    9 years ago

    Terrific! Thank you, Gary. Again, very clear. I probably would never have discovered this on my own!

    9 years ago

    Glad you created this useful instruction. Not only is it helpful, but it gives me a clue as to what Apple has in store with the upcoming change from iPhoto and Aperture.

    9 years ago

    How do you edit a video that was created in ios 7? The dots do not appear?

      9 years ago

      It most likely has nothing to do with which version of iOS you used when creating the video. There can be many reasons why the dots don't appear. It is hard to say without a first-hand look why that video doesn't have the option. Perhaps it is a video synced from your computer to your iPad, rather than one filmed with your iPad?

    9 years ago

    Excellent info Gary, I did not know this was possible in the photos app. A very handy tool to have on board.
    Thank you

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