Editing Video In iOS 8 With the iMovie Extension

In iOS 8 you can add extensions to the Photos app. One extension is part of the iMovie app. If you have iMovie installed, you can access a simple editor inside of the Photos app and add filters, titles and music to your videos without ever needing to leave the Photos app.
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Hi, this is Gary with MacMost.com. Today let's look at editing videos in the Photos app in iOS 8 using the iMovie extension.

Here I am on my iPad Air and you can see I've got the iMovie app installed. So you need to do that first and make sure you have that installed. Then instead of going to iMovie I'm going to go to Photos.

Under Photos I'm going to go into Albums and use the handy Videos album there that compiles all my videos to see what videos I've got. I've got that video and that is the one we're going to edit.

So I'm going to tap on that one and then once inside there is a button at the top that you only see if you have iMovie installed or another app that extends photos in the video editing area. I'm going to tap on those three dots and I've got there a button for More.

I tap that More button and then I can switch on iMovie. Once I've switched on iMovie then I go back and you see that same menu now has iMovie in it. So I can tap on iMovie and bring up the iMovie editor inside the Photos app.

You can see it is a very simplified version of the iMovie interface with just a few controls at the bottom. So I can't do all the stuff I do in iMovie like putting clips together because I am not putting clips together. I am editing this one clip. There is just a variety of things I can do to this single clip.

I've got the timeline at the bottom and I can move around to see different parts of the video. I can play it with the button on the left. I can also hit the first button here and then trim if I want.

The next button is really interesting because it adds filters. So this is definitely something you couldn't do before in just the Photos app. So I can use a filter there or select None.

This is probably the best feature of the whole thing is being able to add titles. So I can select a title for the video here and then edit it by tapping on the text there. Now I've added my title and I've got all those choices there at the bottom.

I can also add a soundtrack. So I can add some theme music or select something from my collection if I want.

Then when I'm done it will export it back into the Photos app. So I've completed editing the film.

I've got the ability to filter, add some text, and add some music to a clip directly in the Photos app.

So hopefully this is just the beginning of extensions for editing video in the Photos app. I can imagine all sorts of different video editing apps coming out that add extensions and allows you to do all sorts of things inside of the Photos app really quickly and easily just like this iMovie extension does.

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    Kerrie Redgate
    5 years ago

    Terrific! Thank you, Gary. Again, very clear. I probably would never have discovered this on my own!

    5 years ago

    Glad you created this useful instruction. Not only is it helpful, but it gives me a clue as to what Apple has in store with the upcoming change from iPhoto and Aperture.

    5 years ago

    How do you edit a video that was created in ios 7? The dots do not appear?

      5 years ago

      It most likely has nothing to do with which version of iOS you used when creating the video. There can be many reasons why the dots don’t appear. It is hard to say without a first-hand look why that video doesn’t have the option. Perhaps it is a video synced from your computer to your iPad, rather than one filmed with your iPad?

    5 years ago

    Excellent info Gary, I did not know this was possible in the photos app. A very handy tool to have on board.
    Thank you

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