Filtered Row Insertion, Sheet Links and Other New Features of Numbers 6.1

The new version of Numbers makes things easier for those that use filters. You can also link text to other sheets in the same document and there is better performance and calculation precision. Numbers also gets the same text fill improvements as Pages and Keynote, as well as inline images and face recognition for image cropping.

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    D. Sands
    5 years ago

    Can a "master" filter be set up to hide a range of rows on a spreadsheet? I get a boilerplate spreadsheet multiple times a day and have to "hide" columns F thru R" before printing each new sheet. I would like to automate the selecting and hiding.

    5 years ago

    D. Sands: No simple way to hide columns like that that I can think of. But it is pretty quick to select those columns and hide them. Should only take a second if done right.

    5 years ago

    That "link to sheets" feature is great and very useful in large documents. It could be used to create a sort of table of contents in the first sheet, linking to the other sheets.

    5 years ago

    The link to Apple's webpage cited:
    About the increased accuracy of calculations in Pages, Numbers, and Keynote

    5 years ago

    Hi Gary,
    Is there a to have a column with numbers that indicates quantity but as it runs down it skips the rows that are headers? So if an adjustment is made it corrects the numbers in the first column automatically. Your help much appreciated!

    5 years ago

    Marc: I don't understand what you are asking. Try asking in the Forum (link in the nav bar) with more detail and maybe an example.

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