MacMost Now 680: Filtering Rows and Columns in Numbers

You can hide rows and columns in Numbers to effectively filter your data. Hiding can be done one row or column at a time, or by groups of rows and columns. You can also set criteria for rows or columns to be automatically filtered, allowing you to see only the data you need.

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    12 years ago

    Hi Gary
    Finding your videos the best! A great find.
    Is there any way of getting the total to reflect only the total of the filtered info?
    Either when hiding rows or using categories.
    I want to filter out figures for a particular tax year (which I can do) but can't figure out how to get a total for only that info. ie. the grand total still shows as illustrated in your tutorial. Is this the only option?

      12 years ago

      I don't think filtering is what you want. You want to perform a calculation. So a formula is what you want. Start by checking out the SUMIFS function.

    12 years ago

    Perfect, just what I needed to know. Thank you!

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