Forum Question: 1 mac, 2 users, 2 networks?

Using fast user switching, can 2 users on the same Mac be connected to different networks simultaneously, or does changing one change the other? Case: My Mac is downloading on one user. I want to switch to another user and change networks. Is this going to interrupt my download on the first user?

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    3/31/11 @ 1:12 pm

    Do you mean you want to change your network connection? Like switch from one wireless network to another?
    I’m pretty sure that your network connection is independent of which user is active. So switching users will not switch to the last network that the user was on.
    Locations is what controls the network you are on. See the Apple Menu, Location. See episode 171:
    I’m not sure what would happen to the download going on for the other user. But it would be easy for you to test. It may also depend on what program you are using for the download (browser, FTP program, etc) and whether the server on the other end lets the download continue if the IP address has changed.

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