Forum Question: 10.6.2 Slowing Down

Is your 10.6.2 slowing down? Well, this one on my Mac Mini sure is. It was not so long ago, the blazing speed of my 2007 Mac Mini, had me believing it was “the best thing sence sliced bread”. When I could open 4 to 5 apps, burn a DVD, check e-mail, cut sounds in Garageband, at near “light speed just what the Doc. ordered”.
Not today, it can’t even make “sub-light”… Oh! for the days of “Warp 4.5” and more. Anyway, you fellow Mac travelers. This is a request for engineering assistance. Someone out there has to have a chief eng… who has pulled the gummed up injectors, tail-feathers, moth-balls along with the other unwanted crap out of his system. With the input from you I know it will lead to the return of “Warp Dr…” and undisputed “Warp Speed” so dearly missed, just a short time ago, hence this resolve will be most appreciated.

— Rick

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    11/27/09 @ 5:29 am

    Some ideas: Check your hard drive space. Are you running out? Look at the Spotlight menu, is it re-indexing at the moment? Run Activity Monitor and see what is eating up processor time and hard drive time.

    12/1/09 @ 11:02 am

    My Macbook Pro first generation is experiencing similar slow down. The real hog is Firefox and they are constantly updating to address, IMHO. Of course i keep 10-15 screens/tabs open at one time during course of the day, might have something to do with it. Also, the early macbooks DON’T have an nCard for wireles connectivity. The three airports i have, 2 have Ncard capability.

    My notebook has one gig RAM, bare minimum, so i just ordered additional gig of RAM for under 50 dollars! I am hoping this will speed up!

    In summary, check the wireless N capability. One non n router sinks the entire network. Also, make sure you have enough RAM.

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