Forum Question: 3 Queries on Keynote

1. Does Keynote use a reference folder for all the media files, like Powerpoint does? In other words, can I delete the original music and video files once I’ve saved my Keynote?
2. I keep using the Format-Font-Capitalization-All Caps funtion a lot to update some older presentations. Is there a way to keyboard shortcut this or put an icon in the menu bar?
3. If I want to copy the formatting style of all the text/boxes in Slide 1 and apply it to Slides 2-20…can I do it at one go or keep clicking the text boxes in slide and pasting style?

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    12/18/10 @ 11:15 am

    I don’t believe Keynote uses any sort of reference folder. I think the images are embedded in the document. Otherwise it would be too easy to delete an image and mess up your presentation. But things like this are very easy to test. Just create a sample presentation, embed a sample image, delete the file, then try the presentation again.
    You can assign a keyboard shortcut to anything that is a menu item. See episode 244:
    I haven’t experimented with applying format changes to many slides. Copy Style / Paste Style is probably pretty quick for only 20 slides, so I would go with that if I had to do it.

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