Forum Question: A source for Lion compatibility with apps?

Do you know if there’s any online source for identifying existing applications’ compatibility with Lion? Over time I’ve bought more apps than I know what to do with (sigh); before rushing into a Lion purchase it would be nice to know the scoop without having to check out individual apps’ websites. Thanks.
John Russell

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    6/6/11 @ 7:25 am

    It’s too early.
    Lion is only available to developers. And those developers are under NDA to not reveal details. A lot of leaks, I know, but still if someone came out with a list like this I’d imagine it would be an obvious violation of NDA.
    Also, it is too early because Lion is only in testing. We’ll need a final version to see which programs will really work with it and which won’t. And many developers who may or may not be coming out with new versions for Lion haven’t even had the chance to announce it yet. They’re under NDA too.
    So we’ll have to wait. But even then, it is probably best to check the individual applications’ web sites. No way around that. If someone comes up with a list, chances are that it won’t include all applications, and it may not be accurate or up-to-the-minute.

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