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“About This Mac” and Spotlight Index Not Updating?

Hi Gary,

I have noticed under “About this Mac”that when viewing storage, it informs me that there is 100gb used under Applications.

I have a 120gb HD. I have used 40gb of 120gb in total and this figure is correct, which brings me to conclude notification of 100gb in Apps is incorrect. I haver installed that many apps at one time to even reach that figure.

Will the OS rectify this on its own accord? Will it fix this periodically? and then show the correct amount that each category is using? Like a script that runs every so often? I understand a Spotlight Index refresh will fix this, but I have been informed that it “periodically” refreshes it self.

Running Mavericks on a 2013 Macbook Air


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    4 years ago

    Possibly. I’ve never seen it be that wrong. But I don’t pay attention to that number very often. If you know that you have 40GB of apps, then why be concerned that this summary shows something different?
    I’d be more concerned about being two versions of OS X out-of-date with a new version coming out shortly. Updating with get you all of the latest features and also probably fix this problem for you as that little function is part of the OS.

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