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Accept Incoming Network Connections?

When I open an app it’s asking me if I would allow it to accept network connection, or something to that affect . . . and it warns me saying if I don’t I’ll lose some functionality. What functionality are the app’s talking about? Since I don’t know I’ve been Denying although it says I can change the setting in Firewall. What’s your recommendation?

— TM

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    10 years ago

    What functionality might be lost depends on the application. Which application is it?
    For instance, a web browser obviously uses the Internet for everything. So denying that would make the browser useless. But a drawing application may just use the net for checking for updates for something.
    Either way, you have to ask yourself: do you trust this application? If so, then allow connections. If not, then get rid of the application completely.

    10 years ago

    Ah that was the dilemma and problem. I trust the app, I believe Word has asked and so has Bento. I thought it was strange these app’s were asking for network connection so I set it to deny.

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