Forum Question: Access airport extreme airdisk from outside my network

hey everyone. i got an AEBS not too long ago, so far i love it. i hooked up a HDD to it using the USB port provided. I setup file sharing, use over WAN and unchecked broadcast over bonjour. I set up a password. I formated the drive to FAT32 and use the smb protocol to access it from another mac or windows computer that is ON my network (connected to my wifi). my problem is, I can not gain access to the drive from outside the network. again, i used the smb protocol to gain access but it doesnt work when i am at school or work. i setup a domain at and its connects to my homes internet IP, no local IP. i checked the ports using an online service, i forget the name, but it checks all the ports and mine were all “hidden” and one port was closed. so my question is, do i need to open some ports for this to work? if so, how do i do that. thank you

— Ayman

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    7/2/10 @ 8:29 am

    If the ports are closed, then it is probably done at the router (Cable modem, DSL box, etc). Check the documentation for whatever you have and see if you can open them up. File sharing usually uses port 548.
    Other than that, there are hundreds of things that could go wrong. It could be on the other end too. Where you are trying to connect from (school, cafe, etc) could have file sharing blocked.

    7/8/10 @ 7:41 pm

    I called my ISP and no ports are blocked, apparently they dont have the option do so with my modem. I know how to open ports in the disk utility but why is it only allowing it for the Private IP Address. Doesnt that mean the computer that is on the router instead of just the router itself. When I try to connect to the airdisk, I am connecting straight to the AEBS not a computer. What gives? How do I open a port directly to the router itself, or is it the same?

      7/8/10 @ 8:29 pm

      Your modem is connected to the net, your AEBS is connected to your modem. Your computer(s) are connected to the AEBS. I can’t tell what is happening for you, but you should be able to set up your modem one of to ways: 1) where it creates a private network of IP addresses, 2) where it passes the responsibility of a private network on to the AEBS. If you have it set to #1, then it will be very difficult to connect to the AEBS or your computers from outside. Just an idea.

    2/17/11 @ 1:48 am

    Type in “command+K” in Finder, afp://IPaddress,(X.X.X.X)
    then you will be prompted to enter the
    Airdisk name and password.

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