Forum Question: Account tracking Sotware !

Gary can you suggest a good Account tracking software that works on the MAc and Iphone… for me to track my Accounts (bank and credit cards) and cash ?
Something that is easy and also can export to Excel.
Thanks !
cyrus Dubash

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    8/8/11 @ 9:42 am

    Good one? No.
    I use QuickBooks for Mac. But that is for business.
    If I was looking for a personal accounting solution, I would only look at online services, not software. It just makes sense to me that accounting should be done with a good web service, not a stand-alone local client.

      Cyrus Dubash
      8/8/11 @ 9:52 am

      could you please suggest an online one ?

        8/8/11 @ 4:42 pm

        I don’t have any recommendations, sorry, since I don’t use one. I’m sure many blogs have written up summaries/reviews of them.

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